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Keynote at ICSSP 2015: Software Development as an Experiment System

“Software Development as an Experiment System” is the title of the keynote that Jürgen Münch, University of Helsinki, is going to present on 25th of August 1 pm at the International Conference on Software and System Process 2015.


Abstract: Most modern software development activities are focusing on domains of emergence where experts cannot know a priori what kind of software provides value to users and customers. This is fundamentally different to traditional software engineering for large systems where a priori analysis by experts is used to identify requirements. While the latter is gaining a niche software category, developing and establishing development practices for domains of emergence is becoming significantly important and urgent. A major challenge is to find the right scope for software development. There are many options on what to deliver. Software practices are needed that help in determining what customers want and creating the right capabilities for them. In this talk I introduce an approach for steering software development towards the right scope by continuously conducting experiments. This includes systematically observing users’ behavioral responses to stimuli such as features. Insights from experiments directly influence frequent iterative deliveries. Success cases from industry show that such an experimental approach helps companies to gain competitive advantage by reducing uncertainties and rapidly finding product roadmaps that work. This presentation is aimed at process engineers, researchers, product managers, startup founders, business people, software developers, and anyone who is interested in making an impact with their products. It shows the relevance of experimentation in software development and how it influences the software process. In addition, new methods and practices are presented that have been tested in different industry environments. The talk answers questions such as:

  • How do we rapidly and effectively create value for users and customers by integrating experimentation into software processes?
  • How do we identify the relevant experiments we need to conduct for making good product decisions?
  • What are the components of a good hypothesis?
  • How do we link the experimental findings with product decisions and dynamically change a product roadmap?
  • What are the key obstacles when introducing continuous experimentation in an organization and how can we address them?
  • What are future avenues for software process research?

Date: Tuesday, 25th of August 1 pm

Venue: Tallinn, Viro Hotel, Estonia

Jürgen Münch is a full professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. He specializes in software and systems engineering, in particular data- and value-driven software engineering, software measurement, innovative software processes, software quality assurance, and global software development. Results are documented in five books and more than 140 refereed publications. He is co-inventor of GQM+, a method for aligning company’s software strategies with long-term business goals. Dr. Münch has been a principal investigator of numerous research and industrial development projects and regularly consults for companies on issues including quality improvement, IT business alignment, software measurement, process engineering, and software technology in general.

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